ARKIPEL Academy 2017

ARKIPEL Academy 2017

Akademi Arkipel 2017

ARKIPEL Academy is a special program organized annually by ARKIPEL – Jakarta International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival, in order to realize an expansion of festival function as an educational institution of cinema. The Academy is realized in the form of workshop for a few days, involving lecturers (activists and filmmakers) who are credible in their respective fields. This workshop is intended for participants who have an interest to expand their view about curatorial, criticism, and film production.

The first Akademi ARKIPEL was held on 19-22 of January, 2017, at Puncak district, West Java. The participants of this academy are filmmakers and writers from internal and external of Forum Lenteng. Selected participants from outside the organization, among others:

  1. Fiky Daulay, writer, Yogyakarta
  2. Adi Osman, writer, Padang, Sumatera Barat
  3. Terrizqo Sutansyah, writer, Tangerang
  4. Wahyu Utami Wati, filmmaker, Yogyakarta
  5. Theo Maulana, filmmaker, Surabaya
  6. Muhammad Reza, filmmaker, Jakarta


The lecturers of this workshop, among others:

Akbar Yumni (Jakarta, 1975) is a film and arts critic, a member of Forum Lenteng, and editor in chief at Jurnal Footage ( He studies Philosophy at Sekolah Tinggi Filsafat Driyarkara, Jakarta. He is also a freelance researcher at Jakarta Arts Council.

Manshur Zikri (Pekanbaru, 1991) is a social researcher, citizen journalism activist, member of Forum Lenteng, and in charge of the AKUMASSA program ( He was graduated from the Department of Criminology, University of Indonesia. His writings have concerns about socio-cultural issues, particularly media, art, and cinema.

Otty Widasari (Balikpapan, 1973) is an artist, filmmaker, media activist, one of the founders of Forum Lenteng, and Director of Community-Based Media Empowerment Program (AKUMASSA) at Forum Lenteng. She graduated Fine Arts at the Institut Kesenian Jakarta in 2013.

Hafiz Rancajale (Pekanbaru, 1971) is an artist, curator, and one of the founders of Forum Lenteng and ruangrupa. He graduated Fine Arts at the Institut Kesenian Jakarta in 1994. In 2003-2011, he was the Artistic Director at OK. Video – Jakarta International Video Festival.

Wimar Herdanto (Surabaya, 1986). Filmmaker, a lecture in Faculty of Social and Political Science, University of Airlangga. One of his film is Gundah Gundala (2013).

Tunggul Banjaransari (Solo, 1988). Filmmaker, a founder of Satriyo Visual Research for Culture Development. He lives in Gunung Kidul together with his family and works as a lecture in one of university in Surabaya. His films among others are Udhar (2014) and Liburan Keluarga (2012).

Wicaksono Wisnu Legowo (Tegal, 1983). He finished his film study in Jakarta Arts Institute. His short film, Tobong (2006), received special awards from the judges in Festival Film Indonesia 2006. Turah (2016) is his first feature project.