DIORAMA – Since History Is Fiction

DIORAMA – Since History Is Fiction

DIORAMA - Since History Is Fiction

Diorama is a project initiated by AKUMASSA-Diorama program that focuses on researching the artifacts of history in Indonesia, which is a representation of power, using the approach of visual and media arts. Through the power polemic, these artifacts are created and a gap for the spectator to give the treasury alternatives on the events that have occurred in the past and the present. The artifacts are read with performative actions performed by the citizens as one of the approaches to meet the narrative created by the state. So that creates a bridge over the distances between the connection through visual and media production as an alternative narrative that uses the perspective of the citizens.
Diorama: Since History is Fiction exhibition was held on 17 to 27 November 2016 at Lobby Hall A1, Gudang Sarinah Ekosistem pick dioramas of the National Monument, Jakarta as a unit object of the research. In addition it is situated in the capital Jakarta, dioramas of the National Monument is a representation of the power of a state in narrating history. In this case, an event can be raised or even eliminated in the historical representation. In the manufacturing process, the dioramas of National Monument undergo two phases of leadership, namely the Old Order and New Order. Both are entering historical narratives were always presented visually until today. The exhibition use the theme Since History is Fiction as a reflection in response to a history that can be read in today context. In the midst of conflict of interests and power that followed, this diorama exhibition be an alternative way to read history through the creative process as well as action. Therefore, the production of alternative historical discourse to this day still continues to be made. Especially considering the fact history is the story told by the ‘power ‘so that it can be read as a fiction.
The exhibition is curated by Otty Widasari; artist, director, media activists, one of the founders of Forum Lanteng and Director of Community-Based Media Empowerment Program (AKUMASSA) Forum Lenteng. The participants in this exhibition are Albert Rahman Putra, Alifah Melisa, Andreas Meiki Sulistiyanto, Anggraeni Dwi Widhiasih, Dhuha Ramadhani, Ika Yuliana Nasution, Pingkan Persitya Polla, Ragil Dwi Putra, Rayhan Pratama, Ryani Sisca, and Yonri Revolt.