Free But Proper

Free But Proper


Visual Jalanan invited several artists from Jakarta, Depok, and Yogyakarta to hold an exhibition ‘Free but Proper’, curated by Abi Rama and Andang Kelana. The exhibition was part of the fringe event of Jakarta Biennale 2015: ‘Maju Kena, Mundur Kena’. The exhibition participated by Ace House Collective, Agung’Abe’ Natanael, Angga Cipta, Anggun Priambodo, Bujangan Urban, Dinas Artistic Kota, Gardu House, Klub Karya Bulu Tangkis & Ricky Janitras, Milisi Mural Depok, Methodos, The Popo, Tutu, ruangrupa, and Stenzilla.

The title ‘Free But Proper’  was inspired by contemporary Indonesian street condition. Visual activities, mostly in big cities, were flowered and huge. The visual objects we found on the street were not only made by the artists, but also by public who have their own critical approach. Street becomes ‘canvas’ and everyone have rights to express their own meaning. But it takes consequence: public space is a space to struggle for. The struggle came from individual, corporation which used spaces for advertisement, even from government which tried to erase mural and graffiti in the streets. Everyone is giving meaning in the streets, and vice versa, the streets are giving the meaning for us.

The exhibition was held on 27 October – 16 November 2016 at National Gallery of Indonesia.

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