Halaman Papua Timika

Halaman Papua Timika


Halaman Papua is an alternative education based on media program talking about public health service in Papua initiated by Forum Lenteng since 2013. The program was in collaboration with four local communities; Community of Hiloi (Sentani), Community of Riyana Waena (City of Jayapura), Community of Rumah Bina (Wamena), and Community of Yoikatra (Timika). In its first activity, Halaman Papua focused to discuss and map health issues and media. In the future, the program will expand to cover social issues in the society of Papua in general.

The workshop in Timika mostly attended by students; Ananias Ewakipiyuta, Lina Ning, Nurman Riyanto, Restituti Betaubun, Ruth Susanti, Steven Betaubun, Yonri Soesanto Revolt, and Plasidus Amatimukata. The workshop took place from May to June 2014 and was facilitated by Saiful Anwar and Manshur Zikri from Forum Lenteng. This workshop was in collaboration with Community of Yoikatra, Timika.




Halaman Papua