Bangsal Menggawe: Membasaq

Bangsal Menggawe: Membasaq

Art Project

Bangsal Menggawe: Membasaq is a part of the AKUMASSA Chronicle Art Project held in North Lombok. Bangsal Menggawe is intended as an annual event and as a means for Pemenang’s local citizens to channel their cultural expression in the form of the folk festival. This festival specifically select a location, Bangsal Harbour, because the location itself is linking narratives and memories of the residents about their local cultural life. There is a lot of kinds of activity and collectives, which are still active until now in the Pemenang, at first, was emerged in Bangsal Harbour.

For its first event in 2016, Membasaq (meaning ‘swimming together’) was appointed as a theme in responded to the changes taking place in the Bangsal Harbour as impacts caused by the development of tourism infrastructure today. There is a need and necessity to preserve the local wisdom which belongs to Pemenang’s citizens. Membasaq was departing from the phenomenon that had been living in the Bangsal, where the community use the Bangsal Harbour as a typical place that is always visited by the community for swimming together in the sea, which is part of their local tradition.

In addition to presenting the works of the participants of AKUMASSA Chronicle Lombok Utara, who collaborated with Pemenang’s citizens, the event of Bangsal Menggawe: Membasaq also presented other art performances owned by some local art activists.

AKUMASSA Chronicle Lombok Utara (North Lombok) was organized by Forum Lenteng in collaboration with Pasirputih, on January 19th – February 28th, 2016, involved eleven artists from within and outside of North Lombok as well as local citizens in the Pemenang Subdistrict. The eleven artists who were participated in the AKUMASSA Chronicle Lombok Utara, are Gelar Soemantri (video artist, Jakarta); Bujangan Urban (street artist, Jakarta); Sulung Widya Prasastyo (visual artist, Yogyakarta); The Broy (comic, Surabaya/Jakarta); Ismal Muntaha (media artist, Jatiwangi); Syamsul Fajri (theater activist, Mataram); Baiq Ilda Karwayu (poet, Mataram); Khairunnas Mahadi a.k.a Nash Jauna (mime artist, Bima); Ahmad Saleh Tabibuddin a.k.a Asta (theater activist, Lombok Barat); Muhaimi (activist of Wayang Sasak, Lombok Barat); dan Imam Hujjatul Islam (painter, Lombok Utara).

AKUMASSA Chronicle is an art project initiated by Forum Lenteng—involving artists from various disciplines, cultural activists, writers, and researchers—which focuses on specific themes related to sociocultural issue in the respective locations that become places for its implementation. This art project is curated by Otty Widasari (Program Director of Community-based Media Education Program at Forum Lenteng) and Arief Yudi (a founder and cultural activist of Jatiwangi Art Factory).


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