Massroom Project

Massroom Project

Video Project

Is a documentary video project on Jakarta. The videos consist of nine works that tells nine stories about living experiences in Jakarta. Those experiences pass on various aspects of the city such as: mass transportation, public space, marginalize traditional vendors, voice pollution in the city and survival in Jakarta. See These nine works of the Massroom Project has been screened in various film festival and exhibiton in Indonesia and international. Some of the works achieve the nomination for best short filmwork at Oberhausen International Film Festival, Germany. Amongst the important festivals which screened the Massroom Project works is Rotterdam Film Festival (2005), Jakarta International Film Festival (2005), International Short Film Festival, Bilbao (2004), Sao Paolo International Short Film Festival, Brazil (2004), Experimenta 2006, Mumbai, India. The compilation also distributed freely but limited.

Andang Kelana / Andy “Galib” Rahmatullah / Mahardhika Yudha / Maulana Muhammad “Adel” Pasha / Wachyu “Aconk” Ariestya Permana / Hafiz (Advisor) / Otty Widasari (Mentor).

Massroom Project premiere at the Goethehaus Jakarta on February 4, 2004.

2003 – 2004


Andang and Sarjo

A Tale Before The Rains



5 Seconds 10 Minutes 24 Hours



Jakarta 24

Andy Asks